Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Little Peanut

I've been very absent here...

But it has been for a very good reason. 

A tiny, life changing reason.

We call him Peanut.

Shortly after we started our school year in August, we got a phone call that there was a little baby who needed us.  He was a preemie, only 4lbs, and had been sitting in the hospital for a week and a half all by himself. We made some hospital visits, being told he would be in there for weeks, but my husband and I visited often enough he started to thrive and was able to come home shortly thereafter!

Today Peanut is doing BEAUTIFULLY!!!  Last check he was almost 11lbs at his 3 month appointment!  The first several weeks were VERY hard. Adjusting proved hard for me, as did feeling like I just brought a soap opera into our lives, but we made it through that initial period a day at a time (ok, maybe a minute at a time) leaning hard on each other and Jesus.  

Today we are very much head over heals for this little guy.  His smiles are the sweetest... We love him, which is hard since foster care is so unpredictable, but we trust God has a plan.  For now, we know he is happy...healthy...with us...and oh such a blessing!

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  1. oh such a sweet blessing for both of you! We will keep your family in our prayers. I've missed your school posts and hope that you will share your days again.


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