Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Curriculum Picks - 2013-2014

Our third year of homeschooling is upon us, and I finally feel like we are getting into a groove.  We have a better understanding of what works/doesn't work, and the kinks have been worked out.  I've tried to not be an overachiever this year, considering what we have going on, but I do happen to have a list of additional things I'd like to add if I think we have the time to do it!  I would like to add an American History along side our current history using the Time Travelers History packs since I can't quite wrap my head around learning all there is to learn about American History in one year in the future!

We are looking forward to learning a lot of fun things this year!

Mini-Me's 4th grade curriculum
Bible and Character:
  • Bible Study Guide - We were going to do this last year, but I decided to hold off a year so Little Man could join us!
  • AWANA - it has always worked for us to just include this in our Bible time.
  • Character Building for Families - we will draw our way through this to have a homemade character book at the end of the year!
Personal Devotions:
  • Jesus Calling - continuing on with this, and she will get a new one at the new year.
  • Dear Princess - She will read/journal through this book and have weekly visits with me about what it is she read.
  • Training Hearts Teaching Minds - this is our family devotional right now.  Doing a question a week, this will take us a good two years to complete.

Language Arts:
  • Total Language Plus - we will start off with Charlotte's Web and Sign of the Beaver for the school year.  We will be using the comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and enhancement activities from this curriculum.  Mini-Me will also continue to read literature on lists from here and here, as well as her own choices, and I keep her reading log here on Pinterest.
  • Easy Grammar and Daily Grams - TLP has some grammar in it, but we will continue with what we've used the last 2 years.
  • Cursive and Typing - Three days a week Mini-Me will work on typing, and twice a week she will complete cursive copy work.
  • Math-U-See - After trying out MANY math curriculums, we finally have found a math that fits!  Mini-Me has been working on the gamma level over the summer, and we'll start the delta level once she's finished.
Foreign Language:
  • Mango - Our library has this resource for free online, so we will use this to learn Spanish this year! {in the battle of Latin (my choice) or Spanish (my husband's choice), Spanish has won....for now!}
  • Duolingo - this is another free resource we will use to learn Spanish
  • Big Book of Things to Draw - once a week we will do an art project out of this book.
  • I Can Do All Things - we still haven't finished this book from our first year, it will be in her desk for when she finishes early or simply wants to do it!

Little Man's Preschool curriculum:
Little Man won't be 4 until September, so I suppose he is still Pre-Preschool.  I'm keeping things nice and easy with him while I still can.
  • Bible Study Guide - he gets his own little set of sheets to work through the bible with his sister at his own level! 
  • Before Five in a Row - This is going to be a blast.  Little Man has already picked out the order he would like to 'row' his books and chose Caps for Sale to start!
  • Easy Peasy - last year we worked through the Getting Ready level of Easy Peasy.  He really enjoyed it, so if he still wants to do more 'school' I will have him do this again.
  • Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons - if/when I think he's ready for this, I'll start it.  No pressure, he is only 3! ; )
That wraps it up for our 2013-2014 curriculum choices!

Our school year starts here in just a few short weeks!

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  1. It all looks great! Can't wait to see you blog about how it all goes! Hint hint!

  2. These all look GREAT!!! A fun year of learning ahead for sure!!

    Thanks for linking up!!

  3. We've made lots of changes also .. moving away from MFW Adventures to A Winter's Promise's Children Around the World. I have my eye on Tapestry of Grace as a potential curriculum for year after next (I can't help it .. I'm just always thinking waaaaay ahead) .. moved from Rod and Staff English to BJU English .. Apologia swimming creatures, Saxon Math and some other things thrown in. I'll have to look at the Mango language, I think our library has that too although both of my kids will be doing beginning Spanish at our local fine arts academy. So many changes, so many choices .. we're totally spoiled!

    1. ooooh, I've admired WP too! You'll have to let me know how you like it! Many around here use Tapestry, but I didn't feel it was the right fit for us ultimately and went with MOH instead! Very true, there are SO MANY choices! Have a great year!

    2. I know this is an older post, but I am so hoping you can tell me what you think of CATW! I would really love to hear! Feel free to respond and I will send you my email.

  4. Oh I love that you have more than one source of curriculum for certain subjects. I was wondering if I was the only person that had multiple math for one student.


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