Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hope for us

Here at Home with us, there is a little hope for us.

 There's some big news going on at our home!  I was going to just jump in here with our curriculum plans for the fall, but then I realized I planned our curriculum around the flexibility our lives would need now.  How our homeschool year goes depends on what's going on, so our news is something that would have to be shared.  I decided to give this it's own little picture-less {forgive me} blog post!
After much prayer, my husband and I have decided to become a foster adopt home!
There are so many thoughts, prayers, and emotions wrapped up in that exclamation point.  To share them all would be very overwhelming {although if you'd be sitting next to me with a cup of coffee I'd more than likely pour my heart out onto the table}, so I will share this:  It means we are hopeful our story does not end with a 6th miscarriage.  It means we have chosen to follow where we feel God is leading our family.  Stepping out of our comfort zone to put our hearts on the line for a whole new kind of heartbreak.  It means we've looked at each other and asked ourselves if we've lost our minds {answer is still to be determined--cute side note: a lady at our Child Placement Agency told us the couple who started this agency had a motto...'We are here because we aren't all there' : )  Thought that was cute and perhaps very true!}.  It means we've sat in disbelief as we have heard truly horrific stories about how people can treat their children.  Only further confirming that this is where we need to be.  It is no longer about our family wanting another baby {although if that happens, my heart would burst with joy}, but it's about a child who NEEDS our family. 
We just got news our fingerprints have come back, and now we are looking to get the home inspection and home study done as soon as possible.
We *should* be certified by or in the month of August {we started this process in March}, which also is the same time we have scheduled to start our school year. While busy preparing for our home inspection and home study, I have also been planning for our first few weeks of school in August! 
Planning has been a bit tricky, since I don't know exactly what our future holds come fall, but I finally came up with a plan I am content with and look forward to sharing our curriculum plans soon! 

It seems a little wacky to start blogging again right in the midst of life getting flipped upside down and backwards, but I am really hoping I am able to stick with it this year {even if it is just a few pictures on hard/busy weeks}.  We will be learning lots of wonderful things this year, but I have retired my overachiever status...for now.  I'm trying out being practical, and it is much less demanding of my time!
Who knew?!



  1. Wow... Doesn't our God take us to places we never thought we would go? What a journey for you and your children. Many blessings on what God is doing in all of your lives.

    1. Yes, yes He does! Thank you, we should be certified shortly!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! We are very excited for what the future holds!


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