Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Exploring Mexico

Welcome to our weeks learning about Mexico! 
Mexico in the kitchen
We love the flavors of Mexico!  Several times a week we ate tacos, enchiladas, stuffed sopapillas, nachos, or tostadas with beans and rice.  Mini-Me thought it was pretty special that Grandma came over to help her learn how to cook some family recipes!
We don't mess around, we start with the sopapillas!
Mini-Me went to my closet and came back with a Mexico sweater on {I have no clue, but just go with it!} and sampled the soda and cookies from Mexico.  I wasn't a fan of either, but all the kids saw was sugar before them!  They went bonkers!
A nice big platter of enchiladas!
I put together a little recipe book with some scrapbook paper I had on hand.  Mini-Me loves to cook up treats, and I wanted her to remember the recipes we enjoyed this year traveling the world!  Many of the recipes for Mexico were from Grandma, so it will be nice for her to have those.  It was difficult to write them down, however, because Grandma cooks without measurements.  I made her eyeball the ingredients in separate bowls so I could measure them our accurately for Mini-Me! HA!  I wasn't her favorite person that day!
Mexico at the desk
Mini-Me chose to do another Country Fact Sheet for Mexico.  We also explored the life of Omar, a boy from Mexico, in the book Children Just Like Me.  The top three notebooking pages came from Homeschool Creations here, the bottom two pages from ECC, and the paper doll is from here.  {I just realized I forgot the famous passport shot!  Epic fail, but yes, she did have some pesos and get her passport stamped before we started our tour of Mexico!}
Mini-Me has thoroughly enjoyed working on her Top Secret Adventures for Mexico!  My Mom starting getting her these last year, but I started saving them for this year since I realized they would perfectly fit into our studies!  As you can see, she goes all out.  My Mom gave her an old briefcase that she neatly organizes the pieces in.  The only thing missing is her 'detective jacket' that she usually packs in there too!
I also got her the Around the World sticker book.  The pages with the stickers on them tells you what each piece of clothing is called and where it goes.  She enjoyed putting together her page for Mexico!
We also started playing the North America geography game that comes with our curriculum!  Playing several times a week, Mini-Me is becoming a pro at the countries of North America!
Her vocabulary words for these weeks:
Our favorite part of the curriculum by FAR is the book basket.  Many of our books are listed in the book list in the back of the teachers manual, while the others are just extra ones I stumble upon while I am doing an online search at our library!  The books she has enjoyed can be found here, her reading log on Pinterest.
Mexico Crafts
We decided to make a clay sun as one of our crafts for Mexico.  I didn't have any clay on hand, so we made some using this recipe.
We haven't had an opportunity to paint it yet, as it is still drying.  It is a painfully slow process when you have a swamp cooler I guess!
We also made tissue flowers!  We are no stranger to these, I call them tissue paper pom-poms.  They are my go to decorations for baby showers and Mini-Me's room!  We made these and hung them on each side of her curtain rod in her room!
Science fun
with Apologia Zoology 3
We've continued our study of caniforms these last two weeks.  I look at these notebooking pages, trying to pick just a few to highlight, but I always spend too much time trying to decide which I like best! I decided to just include them all!  We have really enjoyed learning all about bears!
Mini-Me has really taken a liking to polar bears!  Did you know a polar bear can climb a tree?  Mini-Me couldn't believe a tree could hold a 1000 pound polar bear!  She was also impressed with their swimming abilities!
We spent some time learning about some other animals as well.  Her illustrations always make us laugh.  Notice the skunk in the bottom picture, next to the passed out woman! HA!
We also learned what we are supposed to do if you see a bear!  We practiced it almost everyday over the last two weeks.  A favorite of Mini-Me's for sure!  Her notebooking assignment at the end of the lesson was to draw a comic strip of what we are supposed to do if we see a bear.
  {Note: this is for any other bear but a grizzly!  You see a grizzly, you curl up in a fetal position with your hands locked behind your neck and say your prayers!}
HA!  This is so funny!
We added our animal stickers to our map.  Mini-Me was surprised to see such a cluster of animals in North America, as compared to the rest of the world!
She also added the tracks of bears and raccoons in her Track It! mini-book.
While learning about bears, we read that panda bears have a wrist bone that grows long and they use it like an opposable thumb to hold their bamboo.  We taped our thumbs to our index fingers so we could see how difficult life would be if God hadn't created us to have opposable thumbs!  {After this picture was taken, we reinforced the tape with several more layers.}
Artist Corner
Mini-Me continues to love her Draw Write Now art.  She is almost done with book 8.  I think I will have her take the narrations in the book and use them as typing practice.  Then we can print them out and glue them on the backs of the pages like a book!  Maybe spiral bounding them so I can reuse all of my page protectors!
That's a wrap for the last two weeks!
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We are heading to Canada next and will learn about feliforms along the way!
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  1. I don't know what sopapillas are (and I'm probably pronouncing it wrong in my head), but they look delish! I love the Draw Write Now pictures, but my favorite picture is the colorful bear picture on the bears notebooking page with the fish leaping out of the water. I can tell Mini-me has a sense of humor with her pictures of the skunk and passed out woman. Hilarious!

    1. What?!?! I can't believe what I'm hearing! You know, that's almost as bad as me never having cheese grits! HA! A sopapilla is flour, baking powder, salt, and warm water. It makes a dough that you roll out and cut up. You fry them up {m.i.l. does lard, we use veg. oil} and have fluffy yummy goodness! :) You can toss them in sugar/cinnamon, stuff them with beans/rice/hamburger, or eat them with honey drizzled on them! The fact you have never had one is horrilby disturbing to me, I must figure out a way to send you some!

      Thank you! Mini-Me does have a very funny sense of humor! We have started showing Dad the pictures in her journal at the end of everyday because it is good for a huge laugh!

  2. I love her drawings! My daughter loves to draw too and they are so precious to keep and look at in the years to come :) Thanks for linking up and sharing!

  3. I've never had sopapillas but they look yummy, alongside those enchiladas, too! It really looks like you are having fun traveling the globe :) Your daughter's reports are awesome.

  4. I pray that all is okay with your family. I've your posts. You are truly an inspiration and I've really enjoyed many a mornings sipping my coffee and reading.

  5. I'm catching up on MFW blogs and I love seeing what your daughter is up to doing ECC, which is what we are doing too. We are having such an amazing year! I admire all the fun extras you add, along with homeschooling a tot!


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