Monday, December 12, 2011

Test drive for Tot School!

Up until the last week and a half before our December break, Little Man had shown little interest in our activities in the school room.  He mainly watched a lot of movies {or one, over and over again} and destroyed a lot of nice, clean areas of the house! : )  It is incredible how much difference a few weeks makes because that has all changed!  Little Man wanted his chair right next to his sisters during school time, and he would literally stay there the. whole. time!  He would bring his basket of cars toys and play with them, or get the container of colored pencils and put them in nice, orderly line with all of the points facing the same direction.  I would grab an old workbook of Mini-Me's, and he would scribble in it to his hearts content.

I decided I would take a test drive this month to see if Little Man was ready for Tot School!
{Little man is currently 27.5 months old}
What is Tot School?  If you are curious what that is {Mom}, you can click here and read what she has to say about it.  I have spent a lot of time at her site lately, piecing together the plans for Little Man! 

Since it is Christmas time, I printed off some of the J is for Jesus printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler's site! 

Coloring the J is for Jesus coloring page.  I printed it on card stock and laminated it, so he can coloring it over and over again this year and years to come!

First attempt at putting the cards in order from smallest to biggest.  He is very picky about the order of things, and the slopes in his high chair top kept causing the cards to shift.  Shifting cards = Melt down!

His ABSOLUTE favorite activity was matching the colors!  I put out all of the word color cards {the word itself it printed in that color}, and then hand him a baby Jesus and ask him where it went.  He loved this, and we have done it everyday since!

Using the do-a-dot marker on the letter J page!  I laminated it too.  I started it for him, since he looked at me extremely confused when I first handed him the marker!  He did a really great job dotting up the J!

Then he got some on his hand.  He wasn't pleased with ALL!  It ended up a little messy, but Little Man had fun {minus marker on his hand}!  Every time do would make a dot, he would say 'Jay' for the letter J!  Psh, and we were worried he wasn't talking a month ago! : )  He is just a man of little words!

Matching up his colors again!

Another attempt at size sequencing!  He is saying 'Baby Chee' {Baby Jesus} and was so proud of himself that he did it!

He also enjoyed the lacing card, but he needed my assistance so there isn't a picture of that! 

Then he really enjoyed his first experience with play dough!

Stamping Sheriff in the play dough!

Tot Reading

  Little Man has also been a little boy who REFUSES to sit in my lap and read books...until now!  He has a new love for Veggie Tales, so we have enjoyed God Made You Special and I checked out a few Veggie Tales movies from the library and the kids adore them!  {Too bad Santa has already done his shopping!}

His favorite Christmas book has been Duck and Goose It's Time for Christmas!  I LOVE that he wants to snuggle to read a book now!  It is something I loved doing with Mini-Me when she was younger, and I was missing it!

Product Details

We will continue our J is for Jesus activities this month, but I do believe this Little Man is ready for some Tot School when we start up again in January!

What are my plans for him?

Tot School Printables from 1+1+1=1!
Tot Time Notebook from 1+1+1=1, to go along with his big sisters new Calendar notebook I created!
Songs for Saplings ABC bible verses!

I love the Tot School Printables and the vocabulary development theme cards that come with each letter!  To see a sample of the letter A week, you can click here!  I plan on just doing a letter a week.  Just exposing him to letters, numbers, shapes, colors, vocabulary words, and motor skills activities!  I wanted to add in some bible for him.  Although he probably can't memorize the toddler bible verses weekly {or maybe he will surprise me!}, he sure can be exposed to them!  The Songs for Saplings cd will be the perfect solution because he loves music! We already enjoy the Wee Sing Bible Songs!  I plan on putting the bible printables in those little plastic photo albums, and adding a new one each week as we go through the alphabet!  That way he has a little book of bible verses just like his big sister!

I have printed out the letter A printables, and I am in the process of figuring out how to use each printable to Little Man's benefit! {Maybe I am putting way too much thought into this?}  I am really excited to have Little Man ready for some Tot School, but I am also a little nervous!  Little Man will be homeschooled from the get-go, unlike his sister, so I feel that puts extra pressure on me to get it done right!  Not quite sure what that means, but that is how I am feeling!  I am really letting Little Man guide us on how much we do each day.  If it is 5 minutes, great!  If it is 15 minutes, great!  I don't want my perfectionism to squash the fun right out of learning and tot school! {note to self...} 

I really think he is going to enjoy what I have planned! 

Tot school, here we come!

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