Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week 14 - NH, VA, NY, and NC

Join in the fun!

We had a very busy week this week! 
 Mini-Me had Awana on Wednesday night, and it was crazy hair night!

Thursday we went to go see the Nutcracker ballet!  It was really cute, and Mini-Me enjoyed her front row seat!  Friday we went skating, and then to a dance recital!  Mini-Me really enjoyed the recital, so she will probably be starting worship dance this January! : )

Here are the week 14 highlights!

In Bible, we continued to learning that Jesus is the Way!  We learned about the Most Holy Place (Hebrews 9:1-10, Matthew 27:50-51, and Hebrews 10:19-22), how Saul became Paul (Acts 9:1-19 and Acts 24:10-16), and continued learning that Jesus is the Way (1 Corinthians 12:31 and all of chapter 13!)! 

We started the next level in the spelling program this week!  I was very impressed to see her writing her spelling words out out cursive!  She is doing so great!

Our character study this week was forgiveness!

We added a picture of Moses hitting a rock with his staff to get water for the Israelites to our Moses timeline!  When the Israelites started complaining again about how Moses was a terrible leader, Moses and his brother went to God to talk with Him about their problems.  God told Moses to speak to the rock and water would gush out.  Moses called the people to the rock, hit it twice, and water came out.  Moses did not do it the way God had told him!  God was sad.  He told Moses that he and his brother would not be allowed to live in the new land because they had done this wrong thing.  God doesn't play favorites, and wrong is wrong no matter how many times a person does right.  God and Moses were still friends, and God continued to love Moses and care for him.  God forgives our wrongs, too, but sometimes the wrong we do gets us into trouble!

Then we worked on our Forgiveness mini-book!
Definition:  Giving up my anger
Bible Verse:  Matthew 5:44
Trait Poem:  God forgivves because I'm His
Because I've trusted Jesus.
I forgive because I'm His
And like to do what He does!
Trait Slogan:  Forgive for God!

For science this week, we continued our bird study with learning about the Northern Cardinal!  We have been keeping an eye on our bird feeder, and now we have some new birdy friends that come to visit every day!

We added four more states to our state study this week!  We studied New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, and North Carolina! 

Our library didn't have many of the books listed in the teacher's manual for the state study this week, but I was lucky enough to find one from each state that they did have!

Old Home Day by Donald Hall {New Hampshire}
All Those Secrets of the World by Jany Yolen {Virginia}
The Inside-Outside Book of New York City by Roxie Munro {New York}
Soap! Soap! Don't Forget the Soap! by Tom Birdseye {North Carolina}

Here are our notebooking pages for the week!

We spent some time learning about the Statue of Liberty.  We learned it is copper, but has turned a bluish green because it has oxidized.  We measured our mouths compared ot the statues (3 feet wide), our noses compared to the statues (4ft. 6in.), our right arms compared to the statues (42 ft.), and our height compared to that of the statues (305ft.1in.!)  We also read the poem that is found at the base of the statue and discussed its meaning!
Then she used the DrawWriteNow book 5 to draw her own Statue of Liberty!

We also have been slowly working on the memorable people from our Colonial America history pocket!  We made a plaque for John Smith, wrote a poem about Pocahontas, and made a peace shield about Squanto this week!

Little Man was very much a part of our school week this week!  I pulled this toy out for him, and he played with it all week!  I had never seen him sit and focus on something for so long!   He did really good sorting the colors out!  After a while, his hoarding senses kicked in and he started collecting all of the pieces and carrying them around with him all day.  : )  I was thrilled he gave me a little break from the insanity that occurred last week!

Notice they are starting to be collected and kept in that right hand!  He carried them around with him all day!

That was our week 14!

Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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  1. You're a great teacher, Mariah! It's funny that Mini-me did her hair like for crazy hair night. Annabelle did her hair like that tonight (just on the sides) and thought it was truly cute...ha!

    Mini's cursive is looking beautiful! I have such terrible handwriting because I just rush rush rush.

    I like how Little Man is hoarding the pieces. That's the kind of stuff that always sticks in my head about my kids. I'm so glad that you get to be around your children so much to capture stuff like this.


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